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PFC Cherno More Varna


PFC Cherno More Varna

Founded on 3 March 1913



1909              -  Football Club “Sportist” was founded

3 March 1913      - Touristic and Sports organisation “Galata” was founded.

18 May 1913       - TSO "Galata" changed name to TSO “Reka Ticha”

24 May 1914       - SC “Sportist” and TSO “Reka Ticha” merged under

                    the name “Kamchia” but a month later was renamed

                    SC “Ticha” due to the already existing registration

1 May 1921        - SC “Granit” split from SC “Ticha” and

                    changed its name to SC “Vladislav”    

18 February 1945  - SC “Ticha” and SC “Vladislav” merged under the name

                    “Ticha-Vladislav 45”

1947              -  Tennis Club “Primorets” also joined and

                    the club changed its name to SC “TVP”

15 October 1948   - SC "TVP" was brought under the authority of the

                    Ministry of Defence and its name changed to “Botev”

1951              - "Botev" changed name to “VMS" (= Bulgarian navy)

1957              -  "VMS" changed name to “SKNA”

                    (= Sports Club of the Peoples’ Army)

1958              -  the name of "SKNA" was reverted back to ASK “Botev”

                     (ASK = Sports Club of the Army)

1959              -  ASK “Botev” merged with FD "Cherno More" which had

                     recently been formed from a previous merger (1957)

                     between DSOs "Lokomotiv" and "Korabostroitel" and played

                     in Group "B". The name "Cherno More" stayed

1969              -  FD "Cherno More" changed name to FSFD “Cherno More”

1985              -  FSFD “Cherno More” changed name to FC "Cherno More"

1998              -  FC "Cherno More" changed name to PFC “Cherno More”