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PFC "Botev 1912" Plovdiv


         PFC “Botev 1912” Plovdiv

       Founded on 12 March 1912





12 March 1912 - Sobriety youth organisation “Hristo Botev” was founded

                in Plovdiv and disbanded a few months later

1914          - the society was reestablished and disbanded one more time.

1917          - Sport Club “Hristo Botev” appeared as a collective

                member of Athletic society “Trakijski yunak”

1920          - SC “Hristo Botev” split from AS “Trakijski yunak”

                and registered as an independant club

1922          - merger with SC “Musalla”

28 December 1944  - the club was renamed “Shpka-Botev’45” after a merger

                    with SC “Shipka”

1947          - the club was renamed “Botev pri DNV” after a merger

                with the Athletic team of the Plovdiv garisson

1949-1951     - the club was renamed “DNV”, which stands for

                “Club of the Peoples’Army”

1952-1955     - change of name to “DNA”

1956          - change of name to “SCNA”

               (stands for Sport Club of the National Army)

1957          - SCNA “Botev”

1957-1964     - KCM “Botev”

25 July 1967-1989 - the club was renamed AFD “Trakia” after a merger with

                    two other Plovdiv clubs, “Spartak” and “Akademik”

1983          - FC “Spartak” Plovdiv split and resumed its activities

1985-1990     - FC “Trakia” Plovdiv

1990-1998     - the club was renamed FC “Botev” Plovdiv

1998-2010     - PFC “Botev”

2010          - PFC "Botev" played in the first half of the 2009-10 season

                was disbanded and struck off the register of the Bulgarian

                Football Union following its financial collapse in December 2009.

                A new club was formed under the name PFK “Botev 1912” which

                bought the professional license of FC “Metalik” Sopot

                to avoid a fresh start from the amateur league.