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PFC Beroe Stara Zagora


PFC Beroe Stara Zagora

Founded on 6 May 1916





6 May 1916 - Touristic association “Verea” was founded with a football

              section in it and lasted a few months

1919       - the association and the football section were re-established

             and lasted until 1922

1922 - SC “Verea” (later renamed SC “Rekord”) and SC “Borislav” were founded

14 May 1924 - SC “Rekord” merged with SC “Borislav” under the new name

             “Beroya”. After one month SC “Rekord” split away and was

             renamed SC “Svetoslav”

1926 - SC “Beroya” and SC “Pobeda” merged under the name SC “Bulgaria”

1927 - SC “Bulgaria” and SC “Svetoslav” merged under the name SC “Botev”

1928 - the clubs “Botev”, “Uragan” and “Trayana” merged under the name SC


1929 - SC “Borislav” was re-established

1945 - SC “Borislav” changed its name to SC “Septemvri”

1947 - SC “Septemvri” and SC “Anton Yugov” merged under the name SC


1948 - SC “Levski” and SC “Lokomotiv” merged under the name FD “Shipka”

1949 - FD “Shipka” was dissolved and a number of DSOs were founded the 

      most important of which DSO “Stroitel”

1951 - DSO “Stroitel” was renamed DSO “Udarnik”

1957 - DSOs “Udarnik”, “SKNA”, “Spartak” and “Dinamo” merged under the

     name FD “Botev”

1959 - FD “Botev” and FD ”Lokomotiv” merged under the name FD “Beroe”

1998-1999 - in this season FC “Beroe” was relegated to the 4th level of the

            Bulgarian competition. Meanwhile, there were three more

            teams with the same name in the different levels.

1999 - the team of “Olimpic” Teteven moved to Stara Zagora and changed its

      name to “Olimpic-Beroe”, keeping its headquarters in the town of Teteven

2000 - the name of the club changed one more time to PFC “Beroe” following

     a new legal registration